Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tool # 8

I have worked with iPods and iPads before so I was already familiar with a lot of the things I viewed on the videos. One thing I learned though is that Spring Branch has a search engine where I can go find apps appropriate for my classroom. Some things I already knew, but was refreshed on, was how to download apps and sync them to the iPods and iPads. I wasn't able to view the video on how to create videos and vodcasts on the Netbooks, so I hope I can go back and view it later, because that is something I'm interested on.
In my classroom I use the devices during learning centers. I have a Netbook learning center as well as a iPod center. I also integrate the Netbooks and iPods into other learning centers. I might have a netbook in the Library center so students can read ebooks at that center. I also might have an iPod in the Make a Word center where students use an specific app to make words and write them down. I have also put an iPod in the listening center after downloading certain videos the the iPods for them to listen to and watch at that center. 
I also like to use the iPad to introduce students to new apps I have downloaded to the iPods and to use during Guided Reading.

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