Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tool # 7

A Language and Communication between Pre-k and 1st grade students from a school in San Antonio. 
Content Objective:
II.B.3. The students will provides appropriate information for various situations when introducing themselves to other students through Skype.
II.B.4. The students will demonstrate knowledge of verbal conversational rules when talking about different topics.
When I plan to implement:
In the spring.
Tools we will use:
Skype in the classroom.
Brief description:
The Pre-k students will create a project about themselves, such as their favorite food, games, hobbies, color etc. Then we will connect with a First grade classroom through Skype to share their projects. Students will be given their own First grade buddy to share with. Then the Pre-k students will create questions they would like to ask their First grade buddy.

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