Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tool# 10

3 Things I want my students to know about being good digital Citizens:
1)Guidelines they have to follow to be safe when using technology.
2)They need to be careful when navigating and searching the web, since not everything is credible.
3)Good etiquette when using the web and let them be aware of cyber-bullying. 
Resources I will use with my PreK students:
I liked these two websites for my students NetSmartz Kids and CyberSmart Young Kids. These websites have age appropriate videos about being a good digital citizen that my students can understand.
How I would teach it:
I would probably have a discussion with my students about using the technology in the classroom, to see what they already know. Then I would show them videos from the websites above to show them how to be a good digital citizen. Finally, we would make an age appropriate chart about things that we can do to be a good digital citizen.
Sharing with Parents:
I will probably discuss Digital Citizenship with parents during meet the teacher night by using some of the resources on the Ed Tech website.

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