Friday, July 6, 2012

Finally Tool # 11

My favorite tool was Skype, I really want to use it in my classroom to help my Pre-K students develop their language and communication skills with other students. An other tool I liked and would like to try with my students is TodaysMeet to have discussions with other classrooms about different topics we are learning about.

My thinking about learning in my classroom has change a little, I know it is very important to integrate technology in a classroom and to use it in a meaningful way. I definitely want to keep making changes in my classroom to accommodate the 21st century learner in my classroom. I plan to integrate more technology in my lessons to model digital use to my students and show them how we can use technology to expand our learning.

The things that surprised me while working on the 11 tools are how many websites and web tools are out there to use in your classroom. I was already familiar with some of them but I had no idea there was so much more out there. I can't wait to start using them in my classroom.
I really enjoyed this training and learning all the things I can use in my classroom.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tool# 10

3 Things I want my students to know about being good digital Citizens:
1)Guidelines they have to follow to be safe when using technology.
2)They need to be careful when navigating and searching the web, since not everything is credible.
3)Good etiquette when using the web and let them be aware of cyber-bullying. 
Resources I will use with my PreK students:
I liked these two websites for my students NetSmartz Kids and CyberSmart Young Kids. These websites have age appropriate videos about being a good digital citizen that my students can understand.
How I would teach it:
I would probably have a discussion with my students about using the technology in the classroom, to see what they already know. Then I would show them videos from the websites above to show them how to be a good digital citizen. Finally, we would make an age appropriate chart about things that we can do to be a good digital citizen.
Sharing with Parents:
I will probably discuss Digital Citizenship with parents during meet the teacher night by using some of the resources on the Ed Tech website.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tool # 9

I think it is important to tie technology to the objective because it's a way you can show that students are learning through technology and not just using it to play or pass the time. Students can learn through games in the iPods and iPads, we just need to show what they are learning. 
Students need to be accountable for what they are doing in stations/centers so that they know they are there to learn and that there is a purpose to what they are doing at that station/center. By holding students accountable teachers can also make sure students are doing their work when they go to that station/center.
The 2 interactive websites that I liked were Studyladder and LearningGames for Kids. I would put these two websites as a shortcut in the Netbooks so that my students could open them when they go to the Computer center. I would hold students accountable by having them draw a picture of the game they played.
The apps I found that I could use in my classroom are 123 Animal counting, Cute Math, and Hen House I would download these apps in the iPods I use for math tubs and have students use them during math tub rotation. To hold my students accountable I would have students talk to me about the game they played.
Like I said in by Tool # 8 post I like to use the iPods and iPads in many different ways. I like using them as their own learning station as well as integrate them into other stations depending on the app I want my students to use.

Tool # 8

I have worked with iPods and iPads before so I was already familiar with a lot of the things I viewed on the videos. One thing I learned though is that Spring Branch has a search engine where I can go find apps appropriate for my classroom. Some things I already knew, but was refreshed on, was how to download apps and sync them to the iPods and iPads. I wasn't able to view the video on how to create videos and vodcasts on the Netbooks, so I hope I can go back and view it later, because that is something I'm interested on.
In my classroom I use the devices during learning centers. I have a Netbook learning center as well as a iPod center. I also integrate the Netbooks and iPods into other learning centers. I might have a netbook in the Library center so students can read ebooks at that center. I also might have an iPod in the Make a Word center where students use an specific app to make words and write them down. I have also put an iPod in the listening center after downloading certain videos the the iPods for them to listen to and watch at that center. 
I also like to use the iPad to introduce students to new apps I have downloaded to the iPods and to use during Guided Reading.

Tool # 7

A Language and Communication between Pre-k and 1st grade students from a school in San Antonio. 
Content Objective:
II.B.3. The students will provides appropriate information for various situations when introducing themselves to other students through Skype.
II.B.4. The students will demonstrate knowledge of verbal conversational rules when talking about different topics.
When I plan to implement:
In the spring.
Tools we will use:
Skype in the classroom.
Brief description:
The Pre-k students will create a project about themselves, such as their favorite food, games, hobbies, color etc. Then we will connect with a First grade classroom through Skype to share their projects. Students will be given their own First grade buddy to share with. Then the Pre-k students will create questions they would like to ask their First grade buddy.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tool # 6

For  tool # 6 I really liked Skype and TodaysMeet. I think these are two tools I could use with my PreK students and the other PreK classrooms.
I could use TodaysMeet to get students talking as a whole group with other classes about different units we are studying. Students could discuss what they are learning, what they are excited about and also at the end what they learned. My example on my link shows how my students can have a discussion with another class after a visit to a field trip. TodaysMeet
I also liked Skype because is a way students can communicate with other students across the school or even in other school campuses. I plan to use Skype during my learning centers to promote conversations with other students in the school. By putting Skype in the library center students could read a book to another student in another classroom or share a drawing or story with them. I already set up my Skype account and I can't wait to try it out when we go back to school.

Tool # 5

For this tool I used Prezi and Tikatok to create products to use with my students in my classroom. I defenitely want to keep exploring this tools and the others as well. I am also very familiar with I have created 3 personal books through that website and absolutely love it. However It never crossed my mind that I could also use it for school.

I used Prezi to create a presentation to show during meet the teacher night. I thought this could be a great way to show parents what students are going to be doing in PreK and also to get the students excited about starting school. I really want to keep working with this website to become better at it. I think, Prezi it's an excited tool to use during learning centers with my students.